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Testimonial by Keely

“I am so grateful to have had Bee by my side for my first birth. I felt comfortable with her the moment I met her and never felt judged for the birth plan I had in mind. She provided me with so many great exercises and stretches to do during my pregnancy and I truly believe they are the reason my labor was so quick and smooth. I was so scared for what was to come with labor, but once I was in that moment and had Brittny there with me, I felt completely confident with my journey! If you’re looking for a doula I highly recommend Bee! ” ~ Keely

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Testimonial by Ashley

“I didn’t have a doula for my first birth, and we were lucky enough to find Bee for the second. I can not recommend her enough! We discussed and planned every avenue of my birth plan beforehand preparing for the “what ifs”. I went into labor feeling empowered with such a strong support system behind me. She did everything for me and was right there anticipating my needs before I even knew what I needed. This allowed my husband to be focused on me and the baby. She even grabbed my phone and captured some amazing photos as my son was born and the moments after. Her support did not stop at the birth. A week after my son was born I had complications that landed me in the hospital and she was there at my side without question…without us even asking…making sure my son got everything he needed and more. Everything about her was professional, friendly, and personal.” ~ Ashley

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Testimonial by Mandy

“Bee as a doula is more than just kind, calm, and genuine. She is experienced and level headed in peak times of need (and might I add “birth chaos”). She can diplomatically navigate friends, family, and hospital staff alike. However what I MUST say is she is there for YOU during labor more than the words I write here could ever describe. She has amazing suggestions, strong support, and I could tell she devotedly loved her position doing it. There is no way I could EVER repay her for helping guide me through what was one of a truly once in a life time moment. My birth story for my daughter will always include her and I cannot wait to share how Bee was involved for her for years to come. I did not have the luxury of getting to spend much quality time with Bee before calling on her in a time of need, as I might have wanted. However she was flawless and made that not matter by immediately making me comfortable, in my decisions and in mindfulness and physically while laboring for what seemed like days. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” ~ Mandy

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Testimonial by Lauren

“Bee was my doula during the birth of my first child at Kaiser. She was so wonderful. She massaged my back while I having contractions. She helped manage all my family members while I was resting in bed. Held my leg while I was pushing. I am so glad she was there for me and my family. She stayed with me until the next day when my child was born. It was a long day. I was pushing for 4 hours. She was there every step. It was a hard day but was wonderful to have her support me. She will always be a special person in my heart.” ~ Lauren

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Testimonial by Devorah

“Bee was an amazing support for me at my birth. She was a wonderful calming presence the whole time. We discussed my birth plan before hand and she was completely respectful and understanding of all my choices, and did not try to push her own ‘agenda’. It was a beautiful and smooth delivery and mostly because of having Bee there with me. I highly recommend her services!” ~ Devorah

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