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Sonoma County Childbirth Classes

Brittny ‘Bee’ Johnson

Childbirth Education

As a doula I always advocate for childbirth education. Every labor is a journey and it’s hard to let a journey ‘unfold’ if you have no idea what you’re getting into. Occasionally I see doulas hired as a substitute for doing your own research and then it’s easy for the doula to fall into a guiding role rather than a supportive one. I like to think of myself as a sort of fairy godmother. Sure, I’ve got a wee bit of magic up my sleeve, but mostly I’m here to believe in you, and remind you that you have your own magic. Information is a powerful tool. It gives parents a confidence that will guide them not only through the birth of their child, but well beyond into the wilds of parenting!

If a doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it.” ~ John H. Kennel, M.D.

Respect. Confidence. Empowerment.

Lamaze Certified
Lamaze International

Lamaze International is one of the most well known childbirth resources, and they’ve come a long way from the simple ‘hee-hee-hoooo’ breathing exercises. Today Lamaze is dedicated to providing evidence based information and advocacy, with the goal of knowledgeable parents making informed decisions. Lamaze teaches that birth is normal, healthy and natural, and that women have the innate ability to give birth. I share these values and ideas and I’m proud to have studied and certified with Lamaze so that I may educate parents into empowerment and a strong foundation for parenting.

My Childbirth Classes

I offer private childbirth classes year round, tailored to your individual questions and family desires. After an over the phone consultation we will meet in the comfort of your home for two 1.5 hour sessions, a total of three hours, for $200. Additional sessions are encouraged for any special concerns you have, at the rate of $50/hour. Discounts are given for my doula clients!

I offer group childbirth classes several times per year that meet for two hours once a week for four weeks (minimum enrollment three couples, maximum eight) for $300. This is a fantastic way to build community and share this experience, and really take joy in your childbirth classes as you learn. Discounts are given to my doula clients!

Sweet Bee Birthing Services

I offer a fully qualified and comprehensive doula service package:




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